NWA 5744, Lunar Troctolite

This stone is one of many pairings to NWA 5744 & others.  It is a granulitic, troctolitic breccia: -a “troctolite” is a …


NWA 6497, Polymict Eucrite

This stone came already-cut from a dealer.  It weighs 44.6 grams and is a brecciated eucrite.  Of note — some clasts were …


NWA 7022, Lunar Feldspathic Breccia

The fusion-crusted and oriented ~385 gram main mass of Northwest Africa 7022 displays the meteorite’s two lithologies beautifully.  We informally dubbed the …


NWA 7799, Ureilite

This stone is a pretty one, destined to remain provisional and unclassified.  Fortunately, the fusion crust and thinly crusted break reveal the …


NWA 7809, Aubrite

Here are some photos of a wonderful brecciated aubrite.  More information on this stone will be posted later.


NWA 7831, Diogenite

This meteorite isn’t even approved yet, but it’s a stunning diogenite comprised mostly of translucent, crystalline orthopyroxene.  I don’t know of any …


NWA, Enstatite Crystal

This stone is a single large enstatite crystal, presumably from an aubrite.  It weighs 77 grams, and is comprised of two fitting …