Deport, IAB-sLL

There’s not much online about this Texan find; the bulletin contains scant information, and I couldn’t find any papers describing the discovery. …


El Burro, IIAB

The El Burro meteorite is a historic find from a very remote area of Coahuila, Mexico.  The area is still almost completely …


Gibeon, IVA

~45 kilograms, individual with hole.  ‘The Man in the Moon.’ ~51 kilogram oriented Gibeon with spotty fusion crust and flow-lines.  Photos taken …


Henbury, IIIAB

The meteorite craters at Henbury, Central Australia, by Arthur Richard Alderman, 1932.


Morasko, IAB-MG

There is far more to say about Morasko than I can include here.  In brief, the fall occurred around 5,500 to 5,000 …


Mount Dooling, IC

The first mass of Mount Dooling was recovered in 1909; it weighed 31.3 kilograms.  I wasn’t able to track down Simpson’s 1911 …


The Irons of Ziz, IAB

Ziz, otherwise known as Northwest Africa 854, is a beautifully fresh iron meteorite from Algeria. It is chemically similar to Canyon Diablo, …

dscn1570 - damn good

Taza, Ungrouped Iron

Meteoritical Bulletin entry for Taza. Long story short, it’s an ungrouped iron with a germanium content an order of magnitude or so …


Tafrawet, IIIAB

I’ve been told that Tafrawet was a stunning 32 kilogram iron.  The 3 kilogram end-cut pictured below certainly suggests as much.  Thick …

tata etch


Tata, otherwise known as NWA 1430, consisted of a single 113 kilogram iron meteorite that was, honestly, pretty ugly.  It had been …