Aba Panu, L3.6-6

In the afternoon of April 19, 2018, a flash of light and deafening roar startled the residents of Southwestern Nigeria.  There were initial fears of an earthquake or other disaster, but NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) recorded the event: an asteroid’s disruption, in a 0.23 kiloton airburst.

A few articles from local news outlets described the event (1 pdf) (2pdf):
Photos released by the Oyo state government showed a large meteorite embedded in the ground, and a tree struck by one of the stones:

From the Meteoritical Bulletin:

Aba Panu is a moderately shocked L-chondrite, which tend to spall their surfaces instead of ablating and forming a fusion crust.  Complete stones from the fall are rounded with a slightly darkened surface and rare patches of fusion crust.  Broken stones have brighter, flat surfaces and sharp edges.

336 g individual with a broken face
2.18 kg complete individual