American Meteorite Laboratory Set

This lot of three specimens came from an estate sale in a small town in Southern Alaska. They were kept safely in a desk drawer for several decades; the Mills and Henbury were never even unwrapped!  The packaging is original, from the American Meteorite Laboratory.

Canyon Diablo Nininger #34.5522 – 557 gram individual
Henbury Huss #66.127 – 11.7 gram shocked slice (?)
Mills Huss #H120.70 – 33.3 gram specimen (?)

We haven’t opened the Henbury or the Mills…maybe someday.

DSCN7927 DSCN7928 DSCN7929

[Mills’ weight is listed incorrectly in the above letter.]DSCN7925 DSCN7921 DSCN7922 DSCN7923DSCN7931