Dar al Gani 978, C3-ungrouped

This meteorite has several pairings, classified as CV3, CK3, and C3-ungrouped.  DaG 978 is officially listed as a C3-ungrouped.  We purchased and donated an additional ~30 gram cut stone to UCLA solely for study, and comprehensive work done there has shown it to be unrelated to any known groups of carbonaceous chondrites.

Here’s a link to the paper, which draws upon a variety of literature on various carbonaceous chondrite groups:

Compositions and taxonomy of 15 unusual carbonaceous chondrites Won Hie Choe, Heinz Huber, Alan E. Rubin, Gregory W. Kallemeyn, and John T. Wasson.

Here are some photos of a 160 gram end-cut of this odd meteorite.

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