Dar al Gani, olivine-phyric shergottite

These stones are paired with DaG 476 et al.  Many classified and unclassified stones have come from the region.  They are olivine-phyric shergottites, with great phenocrysts poking out on all sides.  Here’s a pile of papers describing these spectacular basalts from Mars.

A new Martian meteorite from the Sahara: The shergottite Dar al Gani 489

Ages and geologic histories of Martian meteorites

Exposure history and terrestrial ages of ordinary chondrites from the Dar al Gani region, Libya (related, kind of cool)

Mineralogy and petrology of the Dar al Gani 476 martian meteorite- Implications for its cooling history and relationship to other shergottites

Olivine‐phyric martian basalts- A new type of shergottite

Petrology and chemistry of the new shergottite Dar al Gani 476

The age of Dar al Gani 476 and the differentiation history of the martian meteorites inferred from their radiogenic isotopic systematics

They’re pretty interesting rocks.  Here are some photos.

28.3 grams

DSCN5214 DSCN5212   DSCN521336.5 grams

DSCN5216 DSCN5217 DSCN5218 DSCN5215

4.2 grams