Forest City, H5

Forest City was a seminal American fall, studied by some of America’s earliest dedicated meteoriticists.

A detail of note regarding this fall: a stone “about as large as a cake of soap” was documented to have fallen directly into a haystack, and it was not hot enough to ignite the hay.  Most meteorites are cold to the touch when they reach the ground.

George F. Kunz’s report on the then-recent fall can be read here: Winnebago County Meteorites.

informationFrom: Science, Vol. 15, No. 380 (May 16, 1890), pp. 304-305. The Winnebago County (Iowa) Meteorites, by George F. Kunz, Joseph Torrey and Erwin H. Barbour.

Here’s a 145.040 gram half stone, ex. Field Museum:

And a 25.1 gram end-cut from an older collection:

DSCN5493 DSCN5495 DSCN5496