NWA, Medium Octahedrite II

This iron appears to be a medium octahedrite, from the pattern visible through stress fractures in the fusion crust.   It came from Northwest Africa via Marcin Cimala and weighs 336 grams.  It is one of the least weathered iron meteorites from Northwest Africa.

DSCN5551DSCN5537 DSCN5538 DSCN5542 DSCN5536 DSCN5546  DSCN5554 DSCN5557 DSCN5559 DSCN5561 DSCN5562 DSCN5563 DSCN5567 DSCN5569 DSCN5571 DSCN5572 DSCN5576 DSCN5536 DSCN5537 DSCN5538 DSCN5540 DSCN5542 DSCN5546 DSCN5547DSCN5571DSCN5539