NWA 5744, Lunar troctolite

This stone is one of many pairings to NWA 5744 & others.  It is a granulitic, troctolitic breccia:

-a “troctolite” is a coarse-grained cumulate rock, so it formed pretty deep in a magma chamber (or impact melt sheet): presumably, some of the clasts in this rock match this description

– “granulitic” means that its texture has been partly recrystallized (to granular) by impact heating

This particular lunar is highly shocked, and the dark veins are bottle green when illuminated with a bright light.  The single stone “NWA 5744” didn’t have any visible shock veins, but ~all later pairings do.  The stones are compositionally ~identical.  Pairings total 6+ kilograms: the main mass weighs ~1.6 kilograms.

~76 grams