Chinga, Ungrouped

From Grady’s Catalogue of Meteorites (2000):

chingaBuchwald’s Handbook of Iron Meteorites contains a description of the find:

chinga1 chinga2Roy A. Gallant further described the history of Chinga in a May 1997 article of Meteorite Magazine.  Please click on the following links for PDFs.

Chinge: Murder, Greed, Dumplings, & Meteorites, part I. 

Chinge: Part II

There must be an undiscovered crater in the area. I’d love to get some Lidar data for the region.

10.5 and 13.7 kg shrapnel individuals.  These were recovered by Ivan Koutryev and his team in the late 1990s (13.7 kg) and early 2000s (10.5 kg).  The 13.7 kilogram specimen is featured in the Jean Afanassieff documentary, Chasseurs de Météorites (2001), which you can now watch below!

DSCN6476 DSCN6479 DSCN6474 DSCN6475 DSCN6467 DSCN6469 DSCN6471

I was finally able to track down a copy of the documentary!  It features meteorite hunters Ivan Koutryev and Volodia [_?] hunting for Chinga meteorites in the year 2000.

The filmmakers also visited the 2000 or 2001 Tucson show. Cameos include Dima Sadilenko, Sergey Afanasyev, Alain Carion, Richard Norton, Marvin Killgore, Anne Black, Edwin Thompson, Michael Blood, Mike Jensen, Paul Harris, Dean Bessey, Mike Martinez, Hans Koser, Eric Twelker, and many other familiar dealers and collectors from back then.