Willcox Playa 010, Lodranite

This stone was found on our return trip from Texas, with Camp Wood in the trunk of the car.  We stopped to hunt at several places along the way, and Willcox Playa was one of those that seemed promising.  The current write-up will be amended with O-isotope values soon; I’ll link to it when it’s up.

As the third non-NWA / non-Antarctic lodranite, this one’s an uncommon find.  It is also the most reduced acapulcoite/lodranite yet found, and offers some valuable insights into the nature of the acapulcoite/lodranite parent body.

Here’s a stitched, reflected-light image of the interior of Willcox Playa 010:

Olivine, enstatite, and augite grains are separated by iron oxide and iron sulfide veins. Brightest inclusions are Ni-poor metallic iron, troilite, and schreibersite.

The bubbly material along the bottom edge is frothy fusion crust from the trailing face of the stone.