Boxhole, IIIAB

The Boxhole meteorite crater is ~170 meters in diameter, and is a very well-preserved impact, supposedly dating to only around 5,500 years …


hunting for meteorites

Hunting for meteorites is a fun hobby in which nearly anyone can take part.  One should familiarize oneself with terrestrial rocks first, …


Dar el Kahal, H5

This stone was one of the larger attractions at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show of 2014.  Hundreds of kilograms were present, …


Canyon Diablo, IAB-MG

Meteor Crater is one of the most famous impact craters on Earth (second, perhaps, to the 65 million year old Chicxulub Crater …


Henbury, IIIAB

The meteorite craters at Henbury, Central Australia, by Arthur Richard Alderman, 1932.


Morasko, IAB-MG

There is far more to say about Morasko than I can include here.  In brief, the fall occurred around 5,500 to 5,000 …


Mount Dooling, IC

The first mass of Mount Dooling was recovered in 1909; it weighed 31.3 kilograms.  I wasn’t able to track down Simpson’s 1911 …