Brenham, Pallasite

There’s not much on Brenham in the bulletin, but I was able to track down this paper describing the excavation of the …


Marjalahti, Pallasite-PMG

Marjalahti is one of four witnessed pallasite falls as of 2014.  The only work I was able to find that thoroughly described …


NWA 7788, Pallasite

Keeping a pallasite uncut isn’t necessarily a good thing, but this one doesn’t need a window.  It weighs 271 grams.



Stony-iron meteorites are divided into two semi-related groups: mesosiderites and pallasites. Mesosiderites are a somewhat enigmatic group of generally metal-rich meteorites that have an origin that …


Seymchan, Pallasite

The Seymchan meteorite was discovered in 1967: Buchwald described the recovery of the first specimens: Since then, many meteorites have been recovered …